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Protect your rental property while providing an extra level of comfort to your tenants

Every day, millions of people are checking into hotel rooms, apartments, rental homes, and luxury resorts all over the world to spend their time in a healthy, relaxing, and quiet environment. As a landlord or hotelier, it’s important to provide a healthy environment to your guests, while protecting your property and guaranteeing quiet tenants to your neighbors. 

With the increase in shared property rentals, neighborhoods have also instigated policies that include fines and, in many cities, civil lawsuits to the landlord for noise pollution created by tenants. One quarter of the worlds health problems are due to the environment, and your tenants are increasingly concerned about the condition of the properties they rent and the impacts on their health.  The critical need exists to not just monitor the noise within your property but to also provide confidence that the environment they will be temporarily living in will be ideal 

24/7 Noise monitoring, notifying and historical audit reports 

The Butterfly from Hidden-Brain is a next generation IOT (Internet of Things) device, partially developed by funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and a team of multi-disciplinary Phd's. The internal noise sensor is 'always on' in the background, awakening when noise thresholds exceed 75dB during the day and 70dB at night. These levels will meet most city ordnances. To avoid false notification, when a loud noise is detected, the Butterfly monitors the noise for 10 minutes prior to sending out a nice message to you and your tenants. If noise continues for 20 minutes an additional more serious message is issued. 

With on-board intelligence, and ultra-low power battery management, there is no need to stress about where you plug it in, nor determine how to connect it to custom gateways across the property. Simply mount or place the Butterfly in any outdoor or indoor location. This is particularly important, as the best locations for the Butterfly in this application is on the inside of exterior doors/window/wall locations just prior to where noise would escape from your property.  Its rare in these locations to have power. Noise levels, obviously go down the further you are away from the source; No point monitoring high noise levels in a living room if noise just outside your property is muted to acceptable levels !!

Historical levels of noise levels, along with professional audit reports can be generated through the Conscious app (desktop or mobile), protecting you, your tenants and neighbors from potential lawsuits, providing real factual data. 

Provide your tenants with the confidence and luxury of a clean environment report

There are two powerful 'Luxury' offerings  that the can be provided to your tenants with Hidden-Brain's Butterfly and Conscious app. The first is an environmental Butterfly Stamp of approval, the confidence that your property is environmentally clean. The second is direct access to additional environmental notifications while staying at the property, protecting your tenants from things like a bad heat index, poor air quality, complete environmental baby monitoring etc. The latter can be charged for, if desired.  Details on the environmental effects to our health can be found on EPA, WHO websites or on Hidden Brains website.

Property and Privacy protection 

The Butterfly does all this without invading your tenant’s privacy, while still having historical data to combat lawsuits or evict tenants.  The Butterfly does not record any conversations or any video, purely the environmental conditions, ensuring tenant privacy.  For additional security, multiple sensor defaults are set when your property is unoccupied. The Butterfly provides notifications from unauthorized entry through the monitoring of noise, light and opening of doors (tamper). Protection against property damage is also provided from excess humidity, extreme temperatures, and VOCs. For example, low humidity will cause your houseplants to dry out and die, wallpaper may peel at the seams and edges, an increase in static electricity, and can also cause problems for hardwood floors, such as cracks and separate at the seams. In contrast, high humidity creates mold and provides the ideal environment for termites.

The sleek “Butterfly” environment monitor in conjunction with its easy-to-use and powerful mobile or desktop app (Conscious) provides a local environmental “weather station” to your guests, that includes an “Environmentally Healthy” stamp of approval. For property protection notifications are sent to you, your management, and guests if noise levels are exceeded, air quality is compromised, the sensor is tampered with, or other sensor triggers you wish to set. Historical data allows you to capture violations from your tenants or defend yourself against fines or civil lawsuits from unfriendly neighbors’ unjust complaints – it happens!

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